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Singer: Jas Kahlon
Lyrics: Jas Kahlon
Composer: Jas Kahlon

The song ‘Gliding’ is a groovy pop Punjabi song. This song is a reminder about the importance of friendship and shared moments of laughter, relaxation and fun in our busy lives.

Hum Saare Ek Hain

Singers: Nikhita Gandhi, Harshdeep Kaur, Shilpa Rao, Ash King, Swaroop Khan, Ankit Tiwari and many more
Lyrics: Bhrigu Parashar
Composer: Abhijit Vaghani

The song ‘Hum Saare Ek Hain’ is a symphony that transcends borders, languages and cultures. This is a collaboration where 21 artists from various corners of India, representing unique linguistic and cultural heritage; come together on one stage.

Sajna Ve

Singer: Ayush Talniya
Lyrics: Ullumanati
Composer: Ullumanati

Prepare to be immersed in the journey of a heart-breaking story of a once vibrant love. Sajna Ve is a soulful melody of love and longing sung by the talented Ayush Talniya.

Hazaar Baatein

Singer: S. Shubham
Lyrics: Seepi Jha
Composer: Raaj Aashoo

Feel the heartbeat of romance with our enchanting love song ‘Hazaar Baatein’ by S. Shubham, where passion meets melody, and every note sings the language of love!


Singers: Nargis Khatoon & Sugandha Date
Lyrics: Bhrigu Parashar
Composer: Abhijit Vaghani

Kashmiri-Hindi fusion harmony by Nargis Khatoon & Sugandha Date


Singers: Salman Ali & Amit Mishra
Lyrics: Seepi Jha
Composer: Raaj Aashoo

“Jogi”, a captivating Sufi folk-fusion, marks the debut collaboration of powerhouse vocalists Salman Ali and Amit Mishra, weaving together traditional melodies with contemporary flair.

Sone Mahiya

Singer: Mananveer Singh
Lyrics: Rakesh Khanna
Composer: Earl Edgar

“Sone Mahiya” by the rising soulful singer Mananveer Singh and composed by Earl Edgar is a sensitive and beautiful Punjabi tune that captures the essence of timeless romance with its melodic charm!

O Sajna

Singers: Harshdeep Kaur
Lyrics: Bhrigu Parashar
Composer: Abhijit Vaghani

Harshdeep Kaur weaves a melodic masterpiece in “O Sajna,” a harmonious blend of Hindi and Punjabi that serenades the heart with its soulful lyrics.

Dilli Wali

Singers: King Kaazi
Lyrics & Music: Ullumanati

Get ready to hit the dance floor and immerse yourself in the energetic rhythm of “Dilli Wali”, a Punjabi dance anthem that ignites the spirit of the capital city, pulsating with infectious beats and vibrant vocals by King Kaazi!

I’m Fire

Singers: Nikhita Gandhi & Swaroop Khan
Composer: Abhijit Vaghani
Lyricist: Bhrigu Parashar

Embark on a musical journey like never before with “I’m Fire,” a scintillating Hindi-Rajasthani folk fusion masterpiece that transcends boundaries! Renowned vocalists Nikhita Gandhi and Swaroop Khan join forces to ignite the flames of music and culture in this mesmerizing collaboration!

Forehead Kiss

Singer: Thoda Bai Pipi
Lyrics & Music: Thoda Bai Pipi

Forehead kiss is a foot-tapping & groovy Hip-hop & rap track performed by the very talented Punjabi Singer-songwriter Thoda Bai Pipi. It is sure to get added to your party playlists.

Sajna Ve

Singer: Mohini Sikarwar
Lyrics & Music: Ullumanati

Prepare to be immersed in the soul-stirring melody of ‘Sajna Ve,’ a new original Punjabi song in the soulful voice of Mohini Sikarwar with lyrics and a haunting composition by Ullumanati.


Singer: Ankit Tiwari, Deepali Sathe & Malik Sahab
Composer: Abhijit Vaghani
Lyrics: Saaveri Verma

Come groove to ‘Peekaboo,’ a fusion dance hit featuring Ankit Tiwari, Deepali Sathe, and Hariyanvi rap by Malik Sahab. The lively combination of Hindi and Hariyanvi creates a catchy beat that is sure to get you grooving!


Singer: Shilpa Rao, Pratik Solse, Ek Number
Composer: Abhijit Vaghani
Lyrics: Bhrigu Parashar
Music Director/Producer: Abhijit Vaghani

“Apsara” from the ‘Made in India series is an energetic and up-tempo Hindi dance number with a distinct Marathi flair. Performed by the super-hit singer Shilpa Rao along with popular Marathi singer Pratik Solse and rapper ‘Ek Number’!


Singer: Star Boy LOC
Composer: Star Boy LOC
Lyrics: Star Boy LOC
Music Director/Producer: G Skillz

Experience the ultimate sonic blast as we drop “Bazooka” – a track that’s sure to make your speakers roll at 4:20!


Singers: Sreerama Chandra, Vishnupriya Ravi
Composer: Abhijit Vaghani
Lyrics: Bhrigu Parashar

Boy Bestie, a groovy number, is a part of Made In India umbrella of 10 songs with musical influences and sounds from 9 states of India. Sung by Sreeram Chandra and Vishnu Priya Ravi.


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